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Wake Up in the Top

Submitted by Daniele Lepore


In this serie Daniele Lepore, who just turned 29, reveals his nostalgia for an unlived life, that one from the 70’s.

Daniele, being a Fashion photographer for many communication agencies and photography teacher,  for over two years carries on a project called “The Rolling Youth“, where he shoots, in B&B interiors or outdoor, girls with strong personalities who do not need male eye approval because they are confortable in the few clothes they wear.

“The body is lived” but without exhibition, without bothering to please. Because “pleasure is being”, in the awareness of being a person, before than a woman.

Jean-Luc Godard Cinema, the romance of Paris and the Californian Dream, influence entire Daniele Lepore’s research. The result is nicely evident in this serie, represented in a location and with atmospheres that seem to belong to far lands, but actually shooted on a terrace in the historic center of Naples.

Daniele describe the shooting as follows:

In these photos my model is Sara Bucci in a typical day: from the awakening on the terrace to the lunch break with pizza. So through my photographs, I try to resume, in today’s woman, that typically feminine personality of the 70’s.

My style is very scripted. It could seem deliberately random beacause of the shots and some props that make the final result “noisy”.  Sometimes I prefer amateur-style cuts, generated by my personal research for (compositional) rules breaking, to stay consistent with the 70s-thought.

All images are taken in ambient light, just rarely with direct flash. No editing and without brushing in Camera Raw. “Dirty images” taken  caring about the content and not the deletion, in post production, of a light cable or a trellis, or clearing a too black shadow. The use of grain and filters make the image faded like a print, whose colors are faded over time, therefore indeed, this technique falls into my aesthetic taste.

– Daniele Lepore