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Ukrainian Beauty at Laguna Beach

Submitted by Greg Christensen

Lana Alexandra at the beach for Greg Christensen 

Another fantastic series captured by the inspiring American photographer Greg Christensen, this time featuring gorgeous model Lana Alexandra, stranded in Laguna Beach, under the sun of December.

Lana is an amazing beauty, with an incredible body from the Ukraine, now living in Dallas.

We only had few hours together, but we both wanted to shoot in Laguna Beach because December is a great time to shoot at the beach in Southern California. No crowds, plenty of privacy and amazingly good weather to do a shoot like this.

I wanted to show how sexy Lana could look in a casual fashion type shot, and then it got sexier as we continued and explored some of the coves and staircases along the beautiful cliffs of Laguna.

Please enjoy these beach images and look forward to some interior and studio shots we took after getting back from the beach.

– Greg Christensen