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Katia in Long Beach

Submitted by Greg Christensen

Katia Martin in house in Long Beach by Greg Christensen 

In this serie, Greg Christensen introduces us his collaboration with the amazingly beautiful model Katia Martin.

A relaxed and pleasant indoor shooting under the California sun, as told by Greg who created it:

The shoot in Long Beach was second time that I have shot with the beautiful Katia Martin. First and foremost I wanted to focus on Katia’s amazing beauty and totally natural body.

Katia is kind and sweet and I hope that shows through in the images. I also wanted to capture her in a very relaxed way as she wondered through the house that she was renting.

I did not want the shoot to seem too stylized so I shot without additional lighting sources. The shoot was done completely in natural light.

The session was a wonderful and relaxing experience for both of us since we got to know each other in October of 2017 when we shot together in Paris.

I also hope the photos show Katia’s wonderful sensuality as well. She is as sweet as they come, but also smolders in sexuality. Please enjoy!

– Greg Christensen