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Tribute to Henry Moore

Submitted by Nyktos

Sculptural Nude Shapes 

In this serie Nyktos, curious and innovative as always, masterfully leads and portrays Kellen, a chinese former model, with the intent to create an ingenious tribute to the work of Henry Spencer Moore, a sculpture master famous across the two past centuries for his abstract bronze works.

The idea for this set starts from an exhibition i saw, dedicated to the sculptor Henry Moore  at the “Forte di Belvedere” in Florence in 1972. I was absolutely amazed by the shapes and volumes created by Moore in his sculptures.

That’s why, after long meditation I decided to engage myself on something similar with my images. While shooting I then tried to create images that more than people could show shapes and volumes, within the limits of human body natural plasticity, very different from the physically distorted and deep vision of Moore’s sculptures.

In order to realize them, I’ve been at the Infrared studio in Bologna, where a backlit plane was recreated to give greater three-dimensionality and plasticity to the shapes in the images.

I’ve chosen the Chinese model Kellen because I’ve already had the opportunity to work with her and to see how she was able to move and give plastic shapes to her body. Nowdays Kellen has totally stopped with modeling and photography, but at the time of the shots she had an Instagram profile and called herself Aeon.

– Andrea Nyktos Brugnara