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Verso la Pittura

Submitted by Damiano Errico

Ivana Sammarco for Damiano Errico 

Verso la Pittura (Italian translation for “Towards painting“) is a serie of images made by the very talented italian photographer Damiano Errico, who, thanks to his pictorial artistic background, is able to infuse in his pieces the product of his artistic formation.

In this editorial, Damiano seems to be inlfuenced by spanish romantic painter Francisco Goya,  and even Ivana Sammarco, the model choosen by Damiano for this serie, in some images seems to retrace, almost perfectly, the poses seen in “The Maya”.

This photographic proposal, named “Verso la Pittura”, retraces my photographic research inspired by masters of the past. All photos were taken at my studio, exclusively with natural lights (windows).

The style is inspired by poses and lights used by the masters I observe during my studies, and in this case, the precious collaboration with the model Ivana gave a serious contribution to the success of the shooting.

Having studied in art schools, and having been a painter for years, my intent is to merge the two arts, painting and photography. I define my style as “pictorial“, that’s why the title “Verso la Pittura” (Towards painting).

– Damiano Errico