Submit Your Work to Divina Magazine

We look for series of images focused basically, but not exclusively, on female beauty; images able to tell a story with fashion, glamour or high impact meanings.

If you have a photo set or video you would like to see published on Divina Magazine, we would be more than happy to take a look.

First of all read our guidelines, then send us an email with all the required informations, and if you want you may also include a short story, preferably written in english, about the set.

Please note that we receive a lot of submissions so please be patient while we review your work.  If it will be accepted, we’ll send you an acceptance email asking for permission to use the images you submitted.


We accept photo sets and video sets in the following genres: Glamour, Fashion, Portrait, Beauty, Fine Art, Nude Art, Lingerie, Swimsuit, Alternative, Health and Fitness.

  • The set must me unpublished, at least before the publication on Divina Magazine;
  • every set should have a title, and possibly a theme or at least a consistency between all the images of the session;
  • because our editorials are usually accompanied by a short introductory text, for this introduction to be interesting, please provide some information regarding the photo or video session: where it was done; what it wants to arouse in the spectator; how was the session? who is the model; how you define your style; etc.
  • images should not contain any font, text or watermarks;
  • every photo set should contain ideally 10-20 images, and never less than 6 images;
  • nudity is allowed and welcome, but not necessarily required;
  • the images should be at least 1200 px wide, at 300 dpi, in JPG format;
Legal Requirements:
  • All models must be at least 18 years old when the images are taken;
  • all sets submitted must be made by the owner of the copyright, who must be able to prove the possession of the authorization/model release/liberatory.
  • by submitting your images you are authorizing Divina Magazine (and/or its designated third parties) to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, create derivative works, distribute, allow access to public and/or incorporate your contribute into other works in any means.
Please note that:

All submissions are subject to our review. We decide upon creativity, quality, professionalism and how consistent is the submission with the magazine. There is no payment for the collaboration: we don’t pay for any shooting, any video, or any story/cover.