Ivana Sammarco

Ivana Sammarco is a beautiful young Italian Model born in Caserta (southern Italy) in 1995.

She’s mainly based in Caserta and Napoli, but she works all around Campania and Italy in general.

Formed at the Institute of Universal Art and Design, Ivana developed her own personal style, that she defines as “Minimal and Dark“.

Despite her young age, she’s already very determinated about the kind of projects she wants to be involved in, available to give her stunning and intense interpretations in glamour, nude, and artistic shootings.

She partecipates to every project being always very focused about the result she want to reach together with the photographer, and the editorial on Divina Magazine where she’s masterfully portrayed by Damiano Errico, is the perfect example of the effectiveness of her determination.

Who is Ivana Sammarco? 

Ivana Sammarco Designer, Model
  • Born: 1995 in Caserta, Italy
  • Based Location: Caserta/Napoli - Italy
  • Works in: Europe

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