Martina Tosi – aka Raja Model

Martina Tosi, aka Raja, is a stunning and beautiful Fashion and Glamour photo model based in Florence, 25 years old.

Beside her modeling career, she also own an events and services agency (Dama).

She has never tried to imitate famous models or photomodels, career paths and professional choices are unique and different for each one; as a source of inspiration she likes to mention a singer like Madonna, who started as a saleswoman in a fast food chain, and come to be an international star, therefore
a model to follow ’cause of the tenacity whereby she pursued and achieved her goals.

In her photos she always tries to express as many emotions as possible, she adores interpreting photography with a storyboard or an artistic project to follow.

If She can choose a character or an emotion to develop, then She prefers interiority, sweetness but at the same time also discomfort, abandonment and escape.


Who is Martina Tosi – aka Raja Model? 

Martina Tosi – aka Raja Model Model
  • Born: 1993 in Firenze - Italy
  • Based Location: Firenze - Italy
  • Works in: Europe

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