Adolfo Valente

Adolfo Valente is an incredibly talented European Photographer born in Milan, who lives in Treviso – Veneto (Northern Italy) since he was a child.

A photography enthusiast since he was a young boy, when he started processing his film negatives by himself and printing photographs in his own bathroom.

After photographing a bit of everything, as it is quite natural at the beginning, he started to practice a kind of abstract photography, made exclusively of natural signs, symbols and colors, in which not only the human figure is banned, but also every minimum reference to man activity and to what comes from it. He has cultivatied this research for many years, which produced lot of personal exhibitions through northern Italy.

When digital technology became a thing, he completely stopped with photography for a few years: certainly not because of a refusal to this new technology, but only because he felt his previous research as exhausted, he could no longer find a new form of photographic expression.

Nonetheless, Adolfo never stopped to follow and study photography, through authors’ books, visiting exhibitions, and staying in touch with various photographers.

After this long pause he took back his camera and, maybe to unconsciously compensate for the many years spent excluding anyone from his photography, he began to devote himself to portrait photography and to the human figure, especially set in a very natural, everyday context.

Nowsays he prefers “simple” photography, a little intimist, based on few compositional elements, attempting not to “show” but rather to “tell” something. Hoping of course to succeed, at least once in a while …”  – he humbly says.

Who is Adolfo Valente? 

Adolfo Valente Photographer
  • Born: 1956 in Milano
  • Based Location: Treviso - Italy
  • Works in: Southern Europe

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