Daniele Lepore

Known just as Daniele, he actually has three names: Armando, Michael, Pio, and he has Italian, American and Croatian roots.

Beside his Graduation in “Scienze Politiche” at the age of 23, Daniele was looking for something that would give meaning to his life, so he decided to take a trip to India, with only a backpack and a camera.

At the end of that journey, Daniele simply find himself and decides to leave all the aims that society wanted for him to pursue, to entirely devote himsel to photography.

Before to finds his stylistic identity, he tried various photographic and cinematographic genres traveling Europe, until he finally finds his true vocation, and focus on fashion and fashion reportage.

His style evokes that 70’s suggestive charm: Paris, California, a vintage mood at times influenced by French cinema’s Nouvelle Vague. He basically shoot female subjects, the locations he choses are both indoor and outdoor, but never in studio, trying to contextualize a cloth, a brand, an item, through those canons of beauty without screens.

In a bar, in the middle of nature, in a bathtub, in a hotel room, always with that bohemian attitude between a cigarette and a glass of wine, walking the line between sheer glamour  and see-through, always trying to avoid vulgarity. Ok rebellion but always with a certain elegance.

Who is Daniele Lepore? 

Daniele Lepore Photographer
  • Born: 1989 in Napoli - IT
  • Based Location: Napoli - Roma - Milano
  • Works in: Southern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Northern America

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