Enrico Donati

Enrico –koorbnezziz– Donati is an amateur and self-taught photographer who approached photography in 2016 by pure chance, and from there his passion for portraiture was born. After a few months of digital apprenticeship he discovered the fascination of film photography, or analogue, as it is fashionable to say today, and it was immediately love at first sight.

Enrico considers photographing, and relating with people that he portrays, a complete escape from everyday reality, a way to project oneself into a parallel universe where an introverted person like him can express all the range of emotions he has inside.

Even if he started as a portraitist, nowdays he allows himself extensive digressions in the erotic/artistic nude genre, that now has become practically the 90% of his production.

I like to portray reality, without too many technical and luminous artifices, and without building projects or elaborating ideas; I prefer to tell about, and relate, the subject through the real emotions that I feel through the body and face torment. I shoot on film (which I develop and process independently), mainly with natural light and in black and white because in my oopinion it adds the touch of drama that I try to communicate with my photography.

– Enrico Donati aka Koorbnezziz

Who is Enrico Donati? 

Enrico Donati Photographer
  • Born: 1975 in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy
  • Based Location: Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy
  • Works in: Europe

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