Nyktos real name is Andrea Brugnara, he’s an experienced Italian Photographer based in Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy, whose photographic jurney started more than 40 years ago.

After a little break, he came back to photography with a renewd interest in portrait, streeet view, and artistic nude, as preferred expressions of his photographic language.

I love photography in every aspect of it, but portrait and nudeart are my way.

It was the 70’s when I began to shoot my first nudes, and already in those years, photography committed me completely. I spent my days through processing acids and in front of my Durst M601 to print the images that came out of my Canon Ae1. Then, the unexpected events of life have stoved me off for a while, but never in a definitive way, from that complicated but rich world of satisfactions.

Suddenly, in 2007, I discovered digital photography potential, and since then I haven’t left it anymore, coming back, obviously, as in the ’70s, to glamor photography and nudeart.

I always try to innovate and find different solutions for my images. Digital technology offers such a variety of choices and solutions, that enriches further life to every shot.

Perfection can come, of course, when the shutter is opened, but post-production can enrich the perfection with further contents. This is opportunity was quite precluded and difficult to achieve in the 70’s, when you had to process with acids and paper, but now everything is easier, and any artist has more brushes in his case.

– Andrea Nyktos Brugnara

Who is Nyktos? 

  • Born: 1956 in Trento - Italy
  • Based Location: Trento - Italy
  • Works in: Europe, Caribbean

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